How to Install CCcam On OpenBox V8s

To install a cccam on Openbox V5S, V8S or Skybox f5 etc, a Simple procedure needs to be followed.



  • First Create a CCcam.cfg file in notepad copy and paste in your Clines
  • Copy The File onto a USB stick.
  • Connect the USB stick to your box.
  • On the Box remote click Menu, go on Network Local Setting and Click OK.
  • Choose Camds Setup and press OK.
  • If you cant see this option go to network and press 0000 or 6666 or 8888 or 2778 this should bring up hidden menu
  • By default you should see “CCcam Client Setup”, press OK.


  • Now, if you have any  Clines alread, you must remove them Before  installing the new one.
  • Click “Manage Config Files” then choose “CCcam.cfg” and press OK
  • If you have any old clines listed, you need to remove them, Go to “Delete All” to do that.
  • Reboot the box by using the power button on your remote.


  • Once the box has rebooted,  go to Menu>Network Local Setting>Camds Setup>CCcam Client Setup>Manage Config Files>CCcam.cfg There should be No lines Showing
  • Now press exit  to get back to the previous page and then click “Update Files by USB” and then click “CCcam.cfg(CCcam plug)” and press OK.
  • A sign will appear . Press the Yellow button on the remote control to start.
  • You should see “Now reading CCcam.cfg .. Find New Account .. Save Data OK .. Read All Finished”.
  • Now when you go to Manage Config Files and you should see the content of CCcam.cfg of your box,
  • Clines are installed and they “Need Reboot”.
  • Once again reboot your box with the power button on the remote control.

Thats it, Your CCcam is installed and ready to be used.